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Previous exhibitions


(UN)CANNY at Earth at The Bakery

28 - 30 October 2021

(UN)CANNY was co-curated by Gary Finnegan and Cos Ahmet. Artists participating included: Ami Zanders, Linda Jane James, Serah Stringer, Cos Ahmet, Gary Finnegan. Guest artists included: Ian Colligan, Clenen, Jo Joy, Iqra Khan, Jo Joy, Reece Marais, Ieva Padane, Katie Shirley, Kirsty-Jo Wallace.

(IN)SIGHT at Bridewell Studios

29 - 31 July 2021

(IN)SIGHT was co-curated by Gary Finnegan, and guest curator Katie Shirley. Artists participating included: Ami Zanders, Angelo Madonna, Cos Ahmet, Gary Finnegan, Linda Jane James, Liz Smith, Serah Stringer. Guest artists included: Katie Shirley, Ian Colligan, Nicole Stiff, Parice Bowyer, Iqra Pervez, Maryam Bazmanesh, Nima Javan, Yasaman Bazmanesh, Jo Eyles, Will Pollock, Kirsty-Jo Wallace, Reece Marais, Marzieh Sahel, Clenen, Phoebe O'Connor, Seren Ambrose-Ellis.

Independents Biennial 2021

20 March - 6 June 2021

For the IB2021, Avoid Haha Collective presented their series Provocations - a set of free laboratories where artists and performers could try out new work together with the support of live and online audiences, taking risks and pushing boundaries of their practices and performances.

Neo Haha Edition

8 June - 12 August 2020

A series of ad-hoc live performances, sculpture, installation  and sound events / happenings, the Neo Haha Edition series were filmed and in and around the Liverpool City Region, and as far as Mid Wales. Streamed live on our instagram IGTV channel and available to watch on our YouTube channel.

© 2021 Avoid Art Collective

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